The Logfile with Dayo Ntwari Ep.008 Pandemic Playlist

For this week’s episode I thought I’d put together a Pandemic Playlist for those of us in lockdown, while sharing some thoughts. Enjoy and #StaySafe #SafeHands

1. SadMe – “Mourning Day”
2. Cartel – “By Your Side by Mallz & Deron Alek”
3. The Madpix Project – “Wish You Were Here”
4. Major Hawk – “Good Day”
5. Jekk – “You and Me”
6. Seth Power – “Fire”
7. Isra – “Ocean”
8. XNova – “Save Me”
9. Semmuel ft Dylan Anthony Clark – “All I Need Is You”
10. The Madpix Project – “Bad Chick”
11. Tab – “Champagne”

This music can be downloaded royalty free under a Creative Commons license at

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