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The Logfile with Dayo Ntwari Ep.015 The End of Airlines in Africa

The airline business all over the world is in trouble. Many, if not most, African airlines will disappear. How do we get through this?Follow me on Patreon. SHOWNOTESBoeing CEO predicts… Read more »

The Logfile with Dayo Ntwari Ep.014 #NewNormal

What are the changes to our ways of life that the wide-ranging impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic will bring?Follow me on Patreon. SHOWNOTES– Fashion Protective Equipment from FILA– People Are… Read more »

The Logfile with Dayo Ntwari Ep.013 SCHOOL’S OUT!

What’s the future of schooling in a post-Corona world? SHOWNOTESFinnish Teacher EducationTop 10 Reasons FINLAND Has the World’s Best SCHOOL SYSTEMThe Logfile with Dayo Ntwari Ep.010 Universal Basic Income for… Read more »